Thursday, 24 March 2016

evaluation question 2 draft

 How does your media product represent particular social groups ?

During the research and planning section of my work, i used UK tribes and my own knowledge to research the style and interests of my target audience. I had to make sure that my magazine fitted the right audience which was the 'ALT'group on UK tribes which i talked about in my audience profile. Knowing this information about my audience, i could figure out what kind of bands i needed to feature in my magazine and how they would need styling. Kerrang magazine is a very popular magazine for my target audience. So for this reason i looked at the artists on the cover of some Kerrang magazines and what kind of clothes they were wearing. As the 'ALT' category has a very large range of music styles, it was hard to get an idea of a style for my artist. To overcome this i picked the style of rock/alternative music i wanted my artist to be and i went off that. I decided to use a girl as my artist because there are not many bands with a female vocalist in this scene so more people will be interested in this. The girl i used as my artist falls into that 'ALT' group herself which made her easier to style. I asked her to bring a range of clothes to the shoots so that i could put together a few outfits with. In the photos she wears a lot of black or dark colour which is very much the idea of what i wanted. A black leather jacket with black jeans was the main look that i was going for. I got this particular idea from a current kerrang magazine cover as it had the same background colour as me and the black really made the artist stand out. My target audience has a really wide age range because of the wide spread of music within it which made it difficult to create a magazine for everyone. I chose to use a model who is younger because i feel magazines in general are aimed at a younger audience. I also chose to do this because everyone likes to hear abut new upcoming bands and a younger artist can connect more with the younger audience.

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  1. This is marginally better than your first response but again lacks sufficient detail and analysis. You must identify WHAT the representation is, if your model is a YOUNG ALT then WHAT will your audience think about YOUNG ALTS from your representation and HOW have you achieved this, Use preferred, negotiated and oppositional readings to present your findings as well as all Mr Ford has taught you for the representation aspect of the course.