Thursday, 24 March 2016

evaluation question 4 draft

 Who would be the audience for your media product?

After using UK tribes i have been able to identify my target audience as 'ALTs' which are males and females that are very similar. The music my audience listens to is rock/metal/alternative which is a very wide range. Because of the wide range of music it comes with a wide age range, about 16-60. This is because the 'alternative' groups are more younger people who are new to the scene, where as the rock groups are more for the older ages as this was abut when they where young themselves. As this age range is too wide for a magazine, i needed to get a more specific target audience. I decided to go for the younger audience because i feels that they can connect more with the artists of new or young bands, they are more likely to be interested in concerts and are more likely to purchase a magazine in general. The age range that my magazine is now aimed at is 14-25.

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  1. As with your previous answers this response lacks sufficient detail and could not be awarded a grade.