Monday, 11 April 2016

evaluation question 6 draft

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


I used this camera (Nikon D3200) to take the photos which feature on my magazines cover, contents and double page spread. Although i do have my own camera at home, i had never had the chance to use it properly so from this experience i learnt some basics in lighting and camera angles.

I used the computer to run various programs (see below) to import, edit and manipulate and then export the photos i had taken.


I used a tripod on some of my photos to ensure that the camera was steady to get a clearer and even photo. Using the tripod prevented the image to come out blurry which could've happened from an unsteady hand.

Lights:I used the correct lighting equipment to make sure the photos i took where well lit and had minimal shadows. I moved them about to get the right lighting for my model that highlighted certain parts of the face/body to create the best image.

USB-SD card:
I used a little USB-SD card stick to transfer the photos from the camera to my computer so that i could edit them.


I used Photoshop to edit and manipulate the photos, although i had a basic understanding of Photoshop, i have never used it to produce anything seriously before so learned a lot of shortcuts and tricks etc. I learnt the basics on how to add in images, crop them and how to arrange the layers and move them about.


I used youtube to upload videos such as my pitch. I learned a lot about how youtube can attract a wide audience for my magazine because anyone all over the world can view my video which could get them interested. When uploading the video, you can add word tags which means that my video will appear when the tag is searched. I made sure to include the word 'Download' in my tags because this will attract my target audience greatly.

Animoto is an online website used for making videos and powerpoints. I used this website when i created my 25 word pitch. From using a video to create my 25 word pitch i learnt that to get an audience to listen you need to get there attention and i believe a video with music will get them listening and the short sentences on each slide will allow them to keep engaged and not loose interest.


I used Blogger to upload all my posts to the internet so that my teachers can monitor my work. I had never used blogger before so had to learn the basics of how to use it such as the layouts, background and how to change/re arrange the blog posts,

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