Tuesday, 12 April 2016

evaluation question 5 draft

How did you attract/address your audience?

I think that my cover attracts my audience because it looks like a music magazine and there is a lot of layers making it look busy and lots of colour which will attract the eye of the reader. The main image is centered which will attract the reader and the model is acting goofy which shows to my young target audience that it is an informal magazine.

The artist i used on my cover is 17 years old. This shows the audience how even at such a young age, you can do so much. I dressed the model in clothes that relate to the genera of music i want the band to portray and what will make the model stand out. The image is dead center to the cover and the model s doing a goofy pose which shows the audience that this isn't a serious magazine and that they can relate to it.

The first point of interest on my magazine is the mast head. It is positioned a cross the top band of my magazine in the center. People read magazines from the top downwards which means that the readers eye will instantly be attracted to the mast head. The words 'DOWNLOADER' will also show my audience what the contents of the magazine is which will instantaneously attract the target audience. The font i used for my masthead was downloaded from a website called 'DaFont'. I kept the font bold and simple, similar to the Kerrang magazine logo as i know this attracts the correct audience and i picked a font that is similar to the download festival logo because i couldn't use the same font but needed to show that the 2 are connected.

I used a large chunk of my contents page as an image of a singer which shows he audience what the main story is going to be about. The image has the singer looking like she is performing which engages the audience with something they enjoy-concerts. I made the image lack and white because he full image contained colours of which did not suite my colour pallet. I laid out my text in a way that is easy to follow and so that my audience can navigate themselves around easily. I included a lot more stories then where announced on my font cover which gets the audience wanting to by it because every issue will contain something for everyone. whether its for the posters, contests or stories about the bands they like. I included a small message from the editor of the magazine that shows that the magazine want to get involved with the audience and show their appreciation.

I first put a small paragraph letting the audience know who is involved in the story and what the next couple of pages where about, therefore then can decide from that if the story that follows is something they'd be interested in. I chose to use a new band for my article because it can show my audience how well you can do by trying hard-which can motivate them and people like to hear about new bands they they can start listening to. I also included a pull quote which gives the audience further information about the story. The quote i used was 'its like being the new kid at school'. This attracts the audience because the majority of my audience is young and at the age of being at school which means they may be able to relate to the quote. The image i used was a large shot of the lead vocalist from the band band acting silly, making the magazine less formal and appropriate for my target audience. Also, the model is facing forward and looking right down the lens of the camera that shows there engaging with the audience.

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