Tuesday, 12 April 2016

evaluation question 7 draft

Looking back at your preliminary task (the school magazine task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

The three images at the top are the covers from my preliminary (school magazine cover), my music magazine draft cover and my final music magazine cover. You can see the development from my prelim being very minimalistic through my two music magazine covers being quite busy and full of colour. Just by adding coloured boxes around some of the text can make a large difference in making that text stand out and crating a more busy look. As you can see, i have kept a line of text/banner at the bottom of all these magazine covers. The development to the draft cover shows the significance of adding a coloured box which is highlighting the text and i have made another improvement to the banner at the bottom by finding the correct colours that outline the banner and fit within the colour scheme. Sticking to a colour scheme and finding the correct one to attract my audience is also something i have learnt from my preliminary task to now. As you can see, my preliminary magazine is very dull, it used a black and white colour pallet and the only colour comes from one object in the picture. As the magazine was aimed at students, the colour pallet doesn't attract the target audience at all because the magazine comes across very formal. Then in my draft, i chose a more colourful pallet which would attract my audience but i didn't use it very well, for example, the blue banner at the bottom would've looked better yellow as blue doesn't appear anywhere else on the cover. Finally, on my final cover, i think i used a very appropriate and correct colour pallet throughout, I only used 4 colours to keep it simple, all of which compliment each other and help each other stand out.

I have learnt how much images contribute to making an attractive magazine for a specific target audience. For example, my preliminary wouldn't appeal to many people in my target audience because it only contains one image which is the cover image. Students would appeal more to a magazine with many images and less text. I decided to have examples of the posters within my magazine on the cover, that way the audience knows what too expect inside and means there will not be as much text on the inside which is what a younger audience likes. Using other images which are not posters shows the audience who else to expect inside without having to use any text and adding too much information on the cover. As well as needing images on the cover, text will also be needed to give a snippet into the stories inside the magazine. On my preliminary i put 3 cover lines onto the cover to show what was inside, on my draft i didn't put much text to see if it would be just as good with out text. However, after that i released that in order to attract an audience, you need to get the engaged using gripping cover lines which will attract the reader and make them want too read it.

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