Friday, 15 January 2016

Analysis of existing magazine titles.

NME stands for 'new musical express'. This is a good name for this magazine because it is a music magazine (hence the mane). The masthead being an abbreviation shows that the magazine is very well known and doesn't need the full name for people to know which magazine it is. It also makes it more appealing to younger audiences and allows space for more text and images.

The masthead for this magazine is simple and bold which makes it stand out. The magazine being called 'rock sound' instantly shows the audience that the magazine is about rock music. Just underneath of the masthead there is a little slogan that says 'new music first'. This is a good slogan because it does not only show that it is a rock music magazine, but is also about new music in the industry. I like the idea of having a slogan because it gives a more detailed idea about the magazine they are purchasing.

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