Friday, 15 January 2016

magazine analysis 3-Rocksound

This cover is completely filled with images and text; it probably has about 12 layers. The main image overlaps the masthead to draw attention to it. The main image being over the masthead draws the audience to it and shows them it is something that interests them; The image also does this by being placed central in the magazine. The bar code is placed on the lower right of the page. It has the issue number and date of release. There is a lot of colour on this cover which makes it stand out and attractive to the reader. As you can see in the paragraphs that follow, there is a similar colour pallet through out.

This double page spread has a very dark colour pallet which relates greatly to the band the story is about and the over all feel of the magazine. The headline is larger than the other text to highlight what the story that follows is about. There is a quote between the two text of a different colour and slightly larger font and has a different background around it to highlight it. Using a quote makes the text more believable attracting the audience. Using such a large image breaks the text down and makes it more appealing to the viewer. The image here is of a band called 'murderdolls' and the image being so large stands out to the viewer and means that they dont have to read the text to know what its about.

The main image goes over the middle of the 2 pages meaning that it is important. There are many other images across the page. They use these images instead of text just to give the reader a rough idea of what is on that page; It also limits the amount of text which is more appealing to this target audience because they come to read about music and there interests. The word 'contents' on this page is a lot smaller than other more important titles. They focus to making the text that is more important stand out, such as '26 new bands you need to here' as this is what the reader bought the magazine for. There is a lot of colour on this page which is related to the entire colour pallet of the magazine. They focus more on the simple colours such as white and red near the text so it is still easy to follow.

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