Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Analysis of magazine 1 -KERRANG


This cover has a lot of layers (about 10). A lot of things overlap to add space to tell the reader what the magazine contains. The main picture is of my chemical romances Gerard Way, this tells the reader that there is a story about him/them related to the headline so that it attracts the viewer. It is laid out on an 'F' format, directing the reader across the page. The masthead is large capital letters that make it bold and stand out. The masthead being on top of the main image brings attention to the readers eye.

The contents page has half of the page all about the main story in the issue and has highlights of other main stories. peoples eyes get drawn to images they like which interests them. This is why there are a few large images on this page. They use the same font to keep to the theme. The word 'contents' is larger than the other writing to highlight that it is the contents page. They also the same size font when they write the title of the magazine on another page.

This magazine always has a page just of a large image on one size. Half of the other side is taken up by a large gripping title with a short story underneath. 2 of the paragraphs start with a kicker/drop, this is done by the editor to show that there is something important in these paragraphs. They use these because it draws the readers eye towards it to let them know that the paragraph is important. This page has little colour in it, making it simple and easier for the reader to read.

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