Thursday, 14 January 2016

Analysis of magazine 2- NME.

This cover has approximately 8 layers all overlapping each other. The main image partly covers the masthead because the magazine is well known so they can get away with it. The main image is of muse front man Matt Bellamy, showing that the main artical is about him/ his band. He is placed to the right of the page allowing more space for text, as this cover has a lot. The background is blue, making it colorful and attractive to the viewer.

Just like Kerrang magazine, NME has a whole page of an image related to the story. It also has large text at the top taking up half of the page. These two things limit the amount of text in the story, which is better for those who dont like large amount of text to read. The colour pallet on this page is very bland. The white background allows for the black text to stand out, making it easier for the reader to read.

The colour pallet is black and white with a bit of colour. The black and white makes it easier for the reader to follow. However, the colour makes it more suited to the entire magazine because it has a lot going on. There is a lot of text all over the page and is put in a format that isn't easy for the reader to follow. This page also contains the masthead, but nowhere on this page it it says the words 'contents'. There arnt many images on this page which may not be appealing to certain audiences, mainly the younger people. For this reason, i do no like this contents page because i think that more images should be applied.

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