Monday, 11 January 2016


This mood board is a collection of images of people from the 'alternative' scene. It features new bands such as 'the pretty reckless' and 'neck deep' as well as older bands like 'Metallica' and 'linkin park'. All of these artists appear in many magazines such as KERRANG!, NME and Rocksound. Having new and old bands attracts a wider audience because you get people of older age come to read stories about people such as Metallica, iron maiden and the rolling stones. as well as youth who like to here more modern rock such as Skindred, Mallory Knox and all time low.

I have chosen images of a range of colour from black and white to full colour. This is because i want my magazine to have a range in colour that reflects on the idea of the story about that particular band. I would like my front cover to be very colourful with some little colour on the inside.

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