Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Audience profile.

My target audience is mainly teenagers but can be for older adults too because the music in the magazine is a range from new music now to music that was popular in the generation before. These people fall under the 'alt' group on UK tribes. UK tribes puts these people in subcategories such as:

  • young alts; People who just want to be away from the 'mainstream'.
  • Skaters; People who are passionate about skateboarding.  
  • Hardcore; Tend to fall under the 'emo' category below. They listen to heavy 'screaming' music.
  • Hardcore gamers; competitive in the gaming world.
  • superfans; People who express their love for something/someone through buying merchandise, writing fan-fictions and posting on social media. 
  • Metallers; headbanging rockers who listen to meal music.
  • punks; These people like to stand out with there over the top accessories. unks are coming back harder than ever!
  • cosplayers; short for costume play. These people enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters.  

clothing and attire:

  • These people tend to wear a lot of merchandise from bands in there genera such as, bullet for my valentine and my chemical romance. The also wear skater brands like, Ledge and Vans.
  • There is a range of style that this group of people wear. These styles are;          
  1. Skaters- 'baseball tees', skinny jeans, vans and beanies
  2. Goths- Dark tops or dresses, large boots, long coats and googles.
  3. Emos- these are similar to goths but wear more accessories such as chains and belts.
Interests and past time:
  • Listening to music, either there their own music or on channels like kerrang, scuzz or planet rock.
  • watching people on youtube. popular youtubers in this genera are people like Veeoneeye and drewissharing.
  • play video games.
Music preferences:

My target audience is for people who like alternative music. This has a range of other styles of music within it, such as; heavy metal, punk rock, classic rock and pop punk. The magazine i have created will include people of all these styles giving it a wider audience.

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