Friday, 15 January 2016

relevant photographers, graphic designers and magazine creators.

Paul Harries:
Paul Harries is the main photographer for kerrang! magazine which is in the same music genera as my magazine. Most of his work is done with a black background, which makes the model stand out with the correct lighting. Using the work of a well known artist will attract readers.

Tom Barnes:

Tom Barnes is a less known photographer, he has done work for magazines such as Rocksound. Most/all of his work is scenery, which is good for posters but not for what i want for my magazine because i feel that the background will distract the reader from the importance of the story.

For my magazine i will be using similar images to Paul Harries but probably with either a white or colourful background. I want both single shot images like Paul Harris' photos as well as staged group photos like Tom Barnes but without the scenery.

Ken Kelly:

Ken Kelly is a fantasy artist. His work mainly consists of swords, sorcery and heroic images. He is not a graphic designer but he has designed album covers for bands such as Kiss and rainbow. I like his art work because it is very powerful.

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