Monday, 11 January 2016

Magazine title and music genera


I have decided to call my magazine the 'downloader' because i want the magazine to be about bands that have played at the latest 'download festival'. It will include information like new releases, interviews with the bands and information on upcoming concerts. My original idea was to do a magazine just on all bands relevant in that genre, i had come up with names such as 'sordid rock' and 'rock against thrasher'. I do like these names and i think they would be good for that magazine idea. However, i decided to go with 'downloader' and to stick with the theme of the festival because it makes it different to the rest of the typical music magazines. I am aiming to make my magazine colourful and eye catching with a lot of images on the cover and throughout.
To the side of my blog is a playlist containing songs from the bands in my mode board. After doing my research i have decided to add a small slogan just underneath my mast head. An idea i had was 'your favourite bands from your favourite festival'. This can show the buyer what exactly my magazine is about and that it is about the bands that have played at the past and coming up download festival.

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